As a qualified translator, I am able to offer professional translations of English and Dutch texts into German. My translations are always tailored to your individual wishes and needs. My fields of expertise include literary, academic and marketing texts (e.g. books, articles and websites) as well as texts on culture, tourism, sports, nature and medicine.

Text revision

 I will edit and optimize your German texts so they can reach their full potential. Whether for professional or private purposes, lingustically and stylistically correct texts are essential for a convincing impact on the reader. Your official correspondence and your online presence, for example, can benefit from being revised professionally.

Text creation

Through combining your individual wishes and needs with my linguistic and stylistic skills, I am able to produce a German text that matches your high expectations and fits your requirements perfectly. When writing a text based on your ideas, I always adhere strictly to any prerequisites set out by you and make sure the text conveys the intended message.


Transcription Subtitling German courses

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Every text is different. The costs for a translation, a text revision or a text creation depend on the length, difficulty and state of the text as well as the urgency of the task. I place great emphasis on fairness and therefore always aim to agree on a price which is just and beneficial to my clients but allows me to deliver excellent work. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to receive a completely non-binding quote or have any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Translations are charged per word, standard page or flat rate. In most cases, I can tell you the exact price for a specific project in advance.

Text revisions and text creations are charged on an hourly basis. It is of course also possible to agree on a reasonable fixed price beforehand.