Here you can find information on some of my current and finished projects.

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Children's books translations

for Zuckersüß Verlag

Book translation

Original Dutch title:

Kaizen Express

Toshiko Narusawa, John Shook: Kaizen Express. Die Grundlagen für Ihre Lean-Reise. Lean Management Instituut 2023.

Online Dutch courses

for students in the German-speaking area

every summer, on behalf of Taalunie, together with Adriana Fuchs-Franke and Daniela Meijer

Book translation

Original Dutch title:

Mijn opruimboek

Tina Favache: Aufräumen mit System. Schritt für Schritt Ordnung im Haushalt schaffen. mvg 2019.

Book evaluations

for German-language publishers

 assessment of Dutch and English fiction and nonfiction

Children's book translation

Original Dutch title: Jake en de T.rex

Thé Tjong-Khing: Henry bei den Dinosauriern. Moritz Verlag 2018.

Text creation and

creative translation

e.g. for websites

topics include:

artisan carpetry

web design and development

bookkeeping and tax advice

Book translation

Original English title: Climbing Beyond

James Pearson, Caroline Ciavaldini: Passion Klettern. Die spektakulärsten Routen der Welt. Bruckmann 2017.

Language and style advice

for writers of academic papers

topics include:

cultural studies

music industry

nursing studies